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August 7, 2013

Today, I have finally posted my Granny Bunting triangles off to the other end of the country for Yarndale!

I’m most upset that I won’t be able to be there but it makes me happy to know that I’ve contributed a little something — it feels good to think that I’ve joined forces with the hundreds of other Lucy fans out there to say ‘thanks’ for all the joy and inspiration her Attic24 blog brings.

Made from all kinds of odds and ends of spare acrylic yarn, they’re still a little wonky despite the steam-blocking — but I would have had to stretch them out beyond the desired 7 inches to make them any straighter. Hopefully nobody will notice once they’re strung up with all the others adding a bit of cheer.

Can’t wait to see some pictures and hear the news from the show. Is anybody reading this going to be there?