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Photo Friday : Tulips

February 10, 2012

I bought myself some flowers! Actually, J’s parents bought me some flowers — one of my Christmas presents was a pretty envelope containing a five pound note and a little card reading “buy yourself some flowers”. How nice an idea is that?

It snowed again last night and I tried to photograph some snowdrops in the snow while Baby D was napping this morning. Ziggy was convinced I was bending down to play with him though, and no matter what I did I ended up with photographs full of cat-tail.

I’m currently knitting myself a lace scarf which I’ll show you when it’s finished. I’m using a kind of muddy-green yarn and it isn’t very photogenic at the moment. I wish I’d chosen a cheerier colour — although I think it’ll look nicer once it’s blocked. I’m itching to get on to a more colourful project. I have many in mind!

Happy Friday!