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Tomato feast

August 21, 2010

J and I both love tomatoes. We love, Love, LOVE them, in fact.

This year, our first with a garden, I decided to grow three different varieties to see how they all got on and which we prefer.

The picture above is of one of our Gardener’s Delight plants. I got the seeds free from the BBC’s Dig In scheme last year but didn’t have space to grow them on the balcony at my old flat. They’ve become huge plants – we had to cut their tops off when they hit about six foot as the plants were getting way too top-heavy and kept blowing over. They’re doing really well though – just look at those toms!

We’re also growing Minibel (more free seeds – these ones were on the front of the BBC Gardener’s World magazine earlier this spring), as well as Tumbling Tom, which I’ve been growing for a few years now, since J’s sister gave me my first tomato plant as a birthday gift.

The Minibel is an extremely compact little plant. It doesn’t seem to need as much watering as the others and forms these tight little mounds of foliage which you have to push out of the way and peer under to find the tomatoes.

The Tumbling Toms are big and sprawling – I’ve had to raise their pots up on bricks so that they’re not lying their fruits all over the ground. They’re prolific fruiters but annoyingly seem to be dropping their fruits this year – sometimes before they’re ripe. They’re still lovely to eat, but need a bit of ripening on the kitchen windowsill first.

As for our favourites? We can’t decide!