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March 16, 2009

Ange Lapin

It’s finally finished — my first crochet afghan! Do you like it?

It has taken a while to complete, starting in the middle of November with lots of web surfing to find a design I really liked, and ending up some four months later with the edging and all that fiddly weaving in of ends.

The design I fell for was spotted on one of my favourite blogs, Yarnstorm, which is unfortunately no longer live or I’d link to my inspiration here. (Its creator Jane Brocket still has a blog however, which can be found here.) The Starburst Granny Square by Priscilla Hewitt looked similar enough for me, but all links I found for that pointed to another Internet graveyard. I finally tracked the pattern down on The Wayback Machine who apparently archived Priscilla’s site at some point in the past.

The last square

I didn’t want such large squares so stopped after round 4 of the pattern, using the background/border colour.

I chose a mixture of Patons Fairytale and Cygnet Superwash DK wool yarns but had trouble getting some of the colours I wanted, so there are a couple of acrylics in there too, which the lady in the shop assured me would mix okay in small quantities for a blanket. I’m still a little worried about how it’ll wash up, so next time some planning ahead will be in order. I want to make sure that all the colours I need are available in a single variety of yarn for the next project — which is already in the planning stage, by the way!

All together I made eighty squares, so it isn’t a huge blanket. Lots of colours and very lovely:


I was too impatient to do all the joining at the end, so pieced it together a row at a time as enough squares were ready. I used a double crochet (that’s a single crochet if you’re in the U.S.) through both loops on both squares to join them together with a nice raised edge, fastening off at the large loop on each corner to make the squares look rounded.

For the edges I followed round five of the pattern, only with two double crochet (treble crochet if you’re in the UK, guh!) in each of the large corner loops instead of three, to account for the pulled-together-ness of the joins — followed by one round of double crochet to tidy it off.


And it’s done! I’m pleased as punch.

073 - Finished sunburst afghan