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Tag blanket

August 3, 2011

I saw one of these for £10 in Mothercare at the weekend. I was almost tempted to buy it as it was so cute, but £10? “I could make one of those with stuff from my stash for nothing!” I thought. And so I did.

There are countless tutorials on the web but it’s such a simple idea that even as a the novice seamstress that I am, I was able to pretty much make this up as I went along.

Baby D does seem to like it. Kind of!


My very hungry caterpillar

June 14, 2011

He really is my very own hungry caterpillar.

Baby D may be a tiny boy (he rates quite low in the percentile weight charts for babies of his age) but he seems to have had a ravenous appetite over the last couple of days and leaves me very little time between feeds. Look how he’s changed, though! A couple of weeks ago he was a sleepy baby, now he’s an alert little tiny boy. He focusses on things, follows sounds around and best of all, he smiles. Not just one of those was-that-wind-or-was-that-a-smile? faces, but real pleased-to-see-you! smiles. It’s so lovely I could cry.

At the weekend, I had a lovely afternoon when John watched Baby D for me so I could get some sewing done — and I finished that quilt. It’s by no means perfect — there are a couple of places where the fabric has ruckled up a bit, and if I were to do it again I wouldn’t use white thread for the quilting — but for a first go, I’m really pleased with it. After all, it’s designed to live the floor and will no doubt be kicked about a bit and subjected to all kinds of baby-deposits so there’s no point being too precious about it!

The backing is made from a piece of fine corduroy cotton which I picked up as a remnant, and the batting was also a remnant (and is what determined the size of the finished quilt). The quilt top was mostly made from a fat quarter roll of cottons, with a few Amy Butler pieces (also picked up as remnants) thrown in for interest.

The most important thing is that Baby D seems to like it. He lies on it when we play with him and I know he’s safe there if I need to turn my back — you can’t fall off the floor!


Quilt top

June 8, 2011

I had high hopes about all the things I would make for Baby D before he arrived in this world. I wouldn’t say I failed my mission exactly, but there are unstarted and half-completed projects lying around the house. All that good intention was sucked away by late-pregnancy exhaustion (and more recently by the chaos of new-Motherhood).

Here’s an example — I bought this fat quarter roll an entire fortnight before my due date with plans of making a little quilted floor mat for the baby to play on. I mean, a fortnight should be loads of time to knock something like that up, right? Of course, the truth is that when Baby D turned up I hadn’t even started it yet.

Looking back, given my condition, all the other things that needed to be done in that time and the small fact that I’ve never quilted anything before, do you think I might have been a little ambitious? Please say yes, it’ll make me feel a bit better about it!

Well, things slowly, one thing at a time, are starting to take shape. Like that quilt — the top is done and it’s starting to look like a project that might be achievable rather than another heap of fabric to add to my growing stash.

Mika has inspected it and seems to approve.

Now to assemble it and quilt it. Wish my luck and it might be finished by the time Baby D is crawling!

In other news, I was chuffed as a very chuffed thing that Andrea from Apples and Pears has awarded me with my blog’s first ever award. Thank you, Andrea!

It seems that as a recipient of this I have to tell you some things about myself, so here goes:

1) I’m very interested in environmental issues and have recently taken part in a field trial of an all-electric car, the MINI E. It was brilliant — I didn’t want to give it back at the end of the trial.

2) I’m (very slowly) researching my family tree online. It’s fascinating but a complete time-sink, so I don’t log onto the site very often — when I do I lose entire evenings at a time.

3) I have two cats, but I’ve always wanted a dog. It’s never seemed to be the right time though; I don’t think it would be fair to leave a dog at home on its own while I’m out working.

4) I once had a push-bike accident – I fractured my collar bone and my skull. I was lucky to recover.

5) I studied music at university but I work in Unix/Internet support.

6) I used to read a lot but I haven’t read a single novel since I took up knitting/crochet. I keep meaning to correct this trend.

7) I was vegetarian for 15 years – but not any more.

Passing on the award is the tricky bit for me as I don’t really read many blogs – at least not many that aren’t already well established with hundreds of readers. Maybe instead you could leave comments here to recommend some new blogs for me? Whose blog should I check out?


First finished object of 2011

January 6, 2011

Hello and hope you’re all well and happy this… gloomy grey Thursday. Yes — Thursday! — we’ve been back at work almost a week already. Four-day weeks for the win!

In my last post I mentioned that I’d got something I could share — and here it is, pictured above — my first finished object of 2011! This is, of course, a little jacket for our forthcoming arrival, and as I’m sure you can guess from the picture, we’ve found out that we’ve got a blue bump — baby is expected to be a little man!

The jacket was made with some yarn I’ve had lying around in my stash for what must be nearly ten years. It was bought in a previous and rather unsuccessful attempt to teach myself to knit, along with the pattern I used to make it. The yarn is “Snuggly Domino”, made by Sirdar. It isn’t made any more, as far as I know, and while it isn’t really something I would choose these days, it’s made a quite cute little jumper, don’t you think? I’m currently making a little hat to go with it, to use up the left-over yarn. The buttons were salvaged from an old worn-out blouse so all in all it was a very cost-effective knitting project.

Another thing I’ve made recently but I forgot to share at the time —

Curtains for the baby’s room! They weren’t made completely from scratch but I couldn’t find any curtains that I thought were just right and still within my budget. They were all either too cutesy, too expensive, sold out, or featured TV or film characters — which I didn’t want at all. Then I found these for sale in Ikea — cheap and very cheerful, but tie-tops and too thin for the nursery window as there are street lamps along the road outside. So I dug out and dusted down my trusty sewing machine (it doesn’t get as much use as I’d like), cleared the dining table, bought some lining fabric and curtain tape and set about converting them. I used this tutorial for making lined curtains, and I must say, I’m rather pleased with how they’ve turned out! I’m thinking about using the colourful ties that I had to cut off the tops to make some tie-backs for them. I’m not quite sure how yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out!


Cheat’s patchwork placemats

January 24, 2010

We’ve been entertaining! It was J’s birthday last week and it was lovely to have family over for dinner yesterday. This is something we could never have done in the old flat — we didn’t have space for a dining table let alone room for more than a couple of visitors.

I have, for a long time, been wanting to learn a little more about sewing. I’m keen to have a go at bias binding and quilting but with very little time before people arrived I wanted to make some cheery placemats for yesterday’s dinner. I was determined not to pay for something which I probably wouldn’t have liked so much when I knew I could make something if I tried!

The idea was to use some kind of batting or interfacing to add strength/thickness, and bias binding to give them a nice finish, but given the time constraints and my lack of sewing skills, these cut-all-the-corners placemats were born.

And I must say, I’m really pleased with them! I used some lovely Amy butler fabrics I had stashed away, already washed and ironed for shrinkage. The backs were made from some plain, thicker cotton, but it ran out after making three mats – so, the rest use offcuts patched together with some stripy cotton print.

I think it works well and means that they’re all a little bit different, which is quite fun.