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Photo Friday : Echinacea Mistral

August 31, 2012

For a year where we had a hosepipe ban for much of the summer, we’ve had a lot of rain. Some of my veggies really suffered; the courgettes have been a complete failure this year and the peas and french beans were stunted. The runner beans are doing really well though and the tomatoes, while still mostly green, are looking as though they will be good — if we have any left after Baby D has got at them. He knows he shouldn’t pick them; he goes up to them, looks at me and says “no no no!” and then picks them anyway with a big grin.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the rain, the garden is actually looking quite smashing this year. We’ve had enough sweet peas from a few plants mixed in with the beans to have a vase on the table for the last six weeks or so, and these Echinacea are my new favourite things. The bees love them too.


Photo Friday : Tulips

February 10, 2012

I bought myself some flowers! Actually, J’s parents bought me some flowers — one of my Christmas presents was a pretty envelope containing a five pound note and a little card reading “buy yourself some flowers”. How nice an idea is that?

It snowed again last night and I tried to photograph some snowdrops in the snow while Baby D was napping this morning. Ziggy was convinced I was bending down to play with him though, and no matter what I did I ended up with photographs full of cat-tail.

I’m currently knitting myself a lace scarf which I’ll show you when it’s finished. I’m using a kind of muddy-green yarn and it isn’t very photogenic at the moment. I wish I’d chosen a cheerier colour — although I think it’ll look nicer once it’s blocked. I’m itching to get on to a more colourful project. I have many in mind!

Happy Friday!