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Little Spring Mandala

September 29, 2013

We have been away, to the seaside! The weather wasn’t great — September in the UK is often sunnier and warmer than August, but this year we had the best summer we’ve had for years, and my hopes of a late Summer snap weren’t to be. It was mostly dry though, and the weather didn’t stop us making the most of our week away. We avoided the crowds by going off-peak, when the schools had gone back, and D had a great time running on the beach with his wellies on, putting stones in his bucket and digging and drawing in the sand.

Possibly even better than the beach, in his eyes, was a Thomas the Tank Engine ride-on that was there — you know, the sort that you put 50p in for a minute or so of music and gentle motion. Like most little boys he loves Thomas and this was seriously the best thing ever!

His bedtime is still pretty early so evenings were spent sitting quietly reading, checking the Internet and (for me) a spot of crochet to keep my hands busy. I took a small selection of yarn but didn’t have anything particular in mind that I wanted to make, so I spent a while browsing around the patterns on Ravelry until I landed on this one – the Little Spring Mandala. Something “pointless but pretty”, I called it. And it has turned out very pretty indeed.

Pattern: Little Spring Mandala by Barbara Smith (on Ravelry)
Yarn: Acrylic DK leftovers
Hook: 3.5 mm