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Balcony in bloom

July 5, 2009

After two years of summers which were wet, wet, wet, the sunshine has arrived! And isn’t it welcome?

The plants on my balcony are full of joy at the warm weather’s arrival and are flowering and flourishing.

Balcony in bloom

In the way of edibles, I’ve had a great crop of mangetout, the lettuce is sprouting, the carrots-in-a-pot are doing very well (but need a little more time), the beetroot are looking promising and are providing some lovely sweet leaves while the roots get a little larger, and I’ve even got some runner beans on the go this year. I’ve planted one to each pot, each with its own bamboo pole, all tied together at the top into a teepee. I’m not sure how well they’ll do in containers but they’re shooting up the poles and starting to put out flowers so it’s looking hopeful so far. The tomatoes are promising us with a bumper crop this year too.

Growing pretty things and practical things

In the way of flowers and other plants, I’m squeezing them in as tight as possible. There’s lots and lots of french marigolds — keeping the bugs confused — pelargoniums, nasturtiums, diascia, lobelia, nemesia, busy lizzies, dianthus, a couple of miniature sunflowers, a trailing petunia, aubrieta, sanvitalia, campanula (two varieties) and some snap dragons. Not forgetting the miniature potted Christmas tree that cones in each winter and a lovely little olive tree that I hope might flower one day. Is that everything? I think so. Naming them all like this I’m amazed myself at how many flowers in such a small space. It’s a mish-mash of colours and styles but it doesn’t seem to matter.

Ziggy watching the world go by

I love watching things grow, from tiny seeds to brightening the world. I love it when passers by call up to me as I’m tending my plants to say how lovely it looks. I love the mixtures of colours and smells and the way it cheers the whole block of flats. And I love it that Ziggy loves it up here too!