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Little crochet

August 8, 2012

I realised, after flicking through this blog, that I haven’t picked up a crochet hook all year. I’ve done a fair bit of knitting what with one thing or another, but no crochet. Actually the last few weeks have been a complete break from yarn crafts. I’ve been very busy at work, very busy at home with a boy who is now running around, climbing things and being the cheekiest monkey you can possibly imagine — and in my few spare minutes I’ve been quite happy to sit and read or snatch a few minutes of the Olympics on telly.

I’ve been missing crochet though, and am utterly excited to have just treated myself to not only a new book of crochet patterns but some new yarn and hooks. Little yarn and little hooks — both in lovely colours — to go with my new book, Little Crochet by Linda Permann.

I’ve followed Linda’s blog for some time and have made at least one of her many lovely crochet patterns in the past. Little Crochet caught my attention because it seems to contain a few patterns which are suitable for boys — something which the crochet world definitely seems to be lacking. No telling just yet what I’m planning to make, though if you know the book I’m sure you’ll already be able to guess which pattern I’m looking at!

By the way — hello to anyone new who has dropped by Fantasy Landscape today. I have no idea why, but today has been my blog’s busiest day ever! Hope you will all come back again!


The Gentle Art of Knitting

June 1, 2011

I was very excited a few weeks ago to receive my copy of Jane Brocket’s latest book, The Gentle Art of Knitting.

It was a little late arriving as Amazon had trouble sourcing the books from the suppliers (as I understand it), but for me, the timing was perfect. After a few days home from hospital and the initial shock to the system of coping with a new baby on our own (sleepless nights, not getting out of the house, endless feeding, crying and nappy changing, weird hormones to adjust to), it was fab to receive something for me — something completely non baby-related — in the post.

Of course, I haven’t had a chance to make anything from it yet, but as with all of Jane’s books, it’s full of lovely eye-candy and inspiration — something to lose myself in with a cup of tea while Baby D is sleeping soundly. That’s not to say that I haven’t been making anything at all over these past few weeks, just that things are taking rather a lot longer at the moment. I’m managing to fit in five minutes of crochet here, five minutes of sewing there — it all adds up!

As well as knitting, The Gentle Art of Knitting also contains crochet, and it was Jane’s blog that first inspired me to pick up a crochet hook — to make the sunburst afghan that I wrote about here. I gave that to my Mum as I thought she would like it (she did) — but I think I should probably make another, to keep for myself. One day!