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Since my last post…

March 31, 2014

A hat, with trains on (on Ravelry)

(actually two of these)

A sausage dog (on Ravelry)

A little amigurumi owl (on Ravelry)

(actually several of these)

A boy cardigan (on Ravelry)

Some hand warmers for me (on Ravelry)

(actually two pairs of these)

A santa hat (on Ravelry)

Some cotton washcloths for my vegan sister-in-law (Ravelry)

And some toddler socks. (Ravelry)

And that only takes us up to the end of 2013!


New arrival

September 29, 2013

This is something I actually finished back at the start of June — a welcoming gift for a friend’s new baby. I was rather late finishing it, but that wasn’t helped by the fact that the little boy arrived a month early!

I really enjoyed making this — the pattern is by Lucy from Attic24 and as with all of her patterns it was easy to follow, and easy to get into a rhythm with — nice to work on without having to think too hard. The yarn I used was Baby Cashmerino which is lovely and soft to work with and the colours just pop. When I started making it I still didn’t know if the new baby was going to be a boy or a girl, so the colours were chosen to suit either. Adding the first round of edging was about the only part that I didn’t enjoy, but once that was done the rest of the edge detail was easy.

What do you think? I was totally pleased with it — I think it is possibly one of the nicest things I’ve made, if I do say so myself.

Pattern: Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy of Attic24 (on Ravelry)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Hook: 3.5 mm


Little Spring Mandala

September 29, 2013

We have been away, to the seaside! The weather wasn’t great — September in the UK is often sunnier and warmer than August, but this year we had the best summer we’ve had for years, and my hopes of a late Summer snap weren’t to be. It was mostly dry though, and the weather didn’t stop us making the most of our week away. We avoided the crowds by going off-peak, when the schools had gone back, and D had a great time running on the beach with his wellies on, putting stones in his bucket and digging and drawing in the sand.

Possibly even better than the beach, in his eyes, was a Thomas the Tank Engine ride-on that was there — you know, the sort that you put 50p in for a minute or so of music and gentle motion. Like most little boys he loves Thomas and this was seriously the best thing ever!

His bedtime is still pretty early so evenings were spent sitting quietly reading, checking the Internet and (for me) a spot of crochet to keep my hands busy. I took a small selection of yarn but didn’t have anything particular in mind that I wanted to make, so I spent a while browsing around the patterns on Ravelry until I landed on this one – the Little Spring Mandala. Something “pointless but pretty”, I called it. And it has turned out very pretty indeed.

Pattern: Little Spring Mandala by Barbara Smith (on Ravelry)
Yarn: Acrylic DK leftovers
Hook: 3.5 mm


More owls

August 27, 2013

These little owls are proving to be very popular. I’ve made three so far, and have been asked to make more for friends – including one request to size it up to cushion-sized. I had originally thought that it would be quite easy, but having made one with aran yarn instead of DK and on a larger set of needles, I’m not so sure. It turned out a little larger but not nearly cushion-sized, and I think that if I worked with chunky yarn and even bigger needles I would just find that the lacey-type holes in the pattern would get too large and the stuffing would leak out. Using an actual cushion instead of toy stuffing is of course an option, but then I’d lose the shape – I’ll have to have a think about this one!

Here’s the original owl (on the right) next to the aran-weight version – made as a birthday present for my God-daughter’s 9th Birthday! (Not sure how she can be 9 already – where does the time go?)

The third one is possibly my favourite though, even if his body is slightly squished. He was a sort of experiment, I used a different stitch for the body – it’s from the “Chequered vase cover” in Let’s Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet issue 52 and essentially has two rows of slipping the stitch instead of the one for each pattern repeat. I love the colours – there’s nothing weird about having green eyes, right?

Pattern: Sidney by Susie Johns from Let’s Knit! issue 66 (on Ravelry)



August 7, 2013

Today, I have finally posted my Granny Bunting triangles off to the other end of the country for Yarndale!

I’m most upset that I won’t be able to be there but it makes me happy to know that I’ve contributed a little something — it feels good to think that I’ve joined forces with the hundreds of other Lucy fans out there to say ‘thanks’ for all the joy and inspiration her Attic24 blog brings.

Made from all kinds of odds and ends of spare acrylic yarn, they’re still a little wonky despite the steam-blocking — but I would have had to stretch them out beyond the desired 7 inches to make them any straighter. Hopefully nobody will notice once they’re strung up with all the others adding a bit of cheer.

Can’t wait to see some pictures and hear the news from the show. Is anybody reading this going to be there?


Sidney owl

July 24, 2013

I seem to have been buying quite a few crafty magazines just recently. I’m not sure why, given the abundance of fantastic patterns, freely available (or low-cost) as downloads, but I suppose as a working Mum with little time to get out to buy yarn it must be the convenience that appeals to me. Everything you need in one handy packet that can be easily picked up in the supermarket. I know that ideally I should go to our local independent yarn shop, but the fact is that it’s not actually all that local to where we live. It’s not too far from where I work, but it closes at lunch time so I can’t get there in my lunch break and at the end of the day I’m racing off to pick up my boy from nursery, so it’s a nice idea but not actually all that practical.

Anyway, some magazines do have some really great patterns. Like this one – Sidney Owl. I made this one for the boy but I liked the pattern so much that I’ve made a couple more since – and have been asked to make some more at a larger size, so I have my work cut out for me for a while! I had to learn how to do chain stitch for the eyebrows (not something I’d come across before) but the Purl Bee’s website came up trumps as usual.

I’ll show off my other Sidneys in a separate post, but here are the pattern details for now:

Pattern: Sidney by Susie Johns from Let’s Knit! issue 66 (on Ravelry)
Needles: 4.0 mm
Yarn: Kit yarn/acrylic which came with the magazine


Owl Wrist Warmers

July 21, 2013

The next thing I made was something for myself. I don’t make many things for myself these days so it was a bit of a treat. New gloves – with owls on them!

I’ve seen this owl motif on all sorts of things on Ravelry. There’s a particularly lovely sweater with the motif around the yoke which made me drool, but I’m not much of a sweater-wearer and couldn’t justify the time to make something I’d rarely wear. Then I saw this pattern on the front of Mollie Makes magazine and knew that it was for me.

It was my first go with a cable needle and I’m pleased to report that it was as easy as pie – not nearly as complicated as it looks. The gloves came out a bit on the small side – at first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get them on – but they stretched a bit and were just snug, which was actually pretty nice.

Unfortunately they didn’t last long. I missed a knot coming up in the yarn and knitted over it – eventually it worked its way undone and left an annoying hole in the palm of one glove. I guess I’ll just have to make another pair in time for winter!

Pattern: Owl Wrist Warmers by Tanya Antonova from Mollie Makes, issue 21 (on Ravelry)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky
Hook: 5.0 mm