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A look back at 2011 – Q4

January 22, 2012

Letting the pictures do the talking.





A look back at 2011 – Q3

January 20, 2012

A post of few words, or these will never get posted. All three of us have been quite poorly with a bad throat/cough/cold for the last week and are still suffering to a smaller or larger extent. That’s another one of those things I’ve learnt about parenting — the things they never tell you — you catch every germ there is going. I’m sure I’ve been ill more in the last six months than in the past five years. Baby D has been very miserable with his cold too but has been sleeping a lot because of it and is definitely on the mend now.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear about our germs. On with those pictures. I love the way each month’s mosaic has a certain colour/mood/feeling about it. They give an overall impression even without many words.


A very green month. Warm but not a whole lot of sunshine. Time in the garden, time crocheting, time snuggling with the baby. Things I made included a pram bag, my first amigurumi, a coffee cafetiere cozy and a tag blankie.


I think this is my favourite mosaic.


Warmer days, blue skies, time in the garden. Our first home-grown tomato of the year. The top-right picture shows a project which is finished but not yet blocked, so I haven’t actually photographed or written about it yet. The start of a ripple blanket.

Happy days.


A look back at 2011 – Q2

January 14, 2012


Well April was a month we will never forget. April Fools’ day was my last day at work — my colleagues gave me a lovely card and a very generous gift of Amazon vouchers. It was a month of two babies — at the start of the month J became an Uncle when his sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. And of course, towards the end of the month, my precious Baby D arrived! In the weeks in between, well, I kept myself busy but I’m not entirely sure doing what — enjoying the glorious spring weather, knitting, baking, and putting my feet up as much as possible, by all accounts.


In May, Baby D was settling in at home. I somehow managed to find the time to finish his hooded striped top, but thinking back I have no idea how I found the time to do anything creative at all back then. We travelled with Baby D for the first time — to visit his Great Grandma on her 90th birthday!


Baby D was becoming more alert and I made him a cheery floor mat. I was also working on another summer garden crochet blanket — which I have since decided I don’t actually like very much. There’s just something weird about the colours. I bought some amazing Derwent Inktense Blocks as soon as they hit the shops and was very excited about giving them a try — but you know what? I still haven’t taken the celophane off the box. Ah well, I have come to learn that with a baby in the house, some things get deprioritised. There will be time for drawing and painting and all those other things further down the line. For now, my boy is the most all-consuming and wonderful thing — and becomes more so every day.


A look back at 2011 – Q1

January 14, 2012

I had prepared a lengthy review of 2011 but somehow WordPress ate my draft overnight. Rather than try to repeat what I’d written (which took ages), here are the mosaics and some short monthly summaries.


An alcohol-free New Year because, of course, I was growing a bump. The knitting for the forthcoming arrival had begun — I was knitting a little hat and jacket out of some Sirdar Snuggly Domino that I’d had stashed for years. I also decided it was time to do something with my stash of Baby Cashmerino — and added to it with some finds in the sales.


The bump was growing — I was into my third trimester — and Mika discovered that a baby bump made a great pillow for cats. The Baby Cashmerino outfit was completed but I didn’t get a chance to write about it until March — read about it here.


March was my last month at work. The spring arrived and I was busy knitting a ‘Born under a star’ baby blanket — I mentioned in my last post that this had become Baby D’s favourite snuggle-blankie — and a striped top for him. I’d been driving a Mini E — a fully electric version of the classic BMW Mini — for the last six months as part of a field trial. The trial ended in March and I very reluctantly had to give my Mini back. They ran a little awards ceremony and presented me with an award for the first baby incubated in a Mini E — the prize being a lovely little Mini Babygrow!

I’ll move on to April in another post to avoid my draft getting eaten again!