Lily’s caterpillar

June 12, 2012

Hello my lovelies, how have you been since I last posted? It has been quite a while but I am now experiencing life as a working Mummy. You can all imagine how busy I am now, right?

I must say I’m really enjoying being back at work. Baby D has settled in amazingly well at his nursery which helps — I can only think how difficult it would be to leave him if he seemed at all unhappy there but he seems to really enjoy it. The staff are lovely, the environment is lovely, he gets to play in the garden every day, all the meals are cooked on site and socialising with the other children seems to be doing him a world of good. I have gone back to work part time (four days a week) so at least I get my one day a week at home with him, as well as evenings and weekends, of course. I think working makes me value my time with him even more.

He has turned one now, has four teeth (three at the bottom and one at the top) and is very nearly walking. He can stand unaided and races around with his toddle-truck, but just lacks the confidence to take any steps on his own. I don’t think it will be long now, and then we will all be in trouble!

I have still found some time for knitting here and there, but of course my rate of creation has slowed right down since being back at work. I also seem to have taken a bit of a break from knitting in the last week or so and have been thinking a lot about drawing and painting — an old love but something I rarely touch these days. More about that in a different post.

I was going to make caterpillars for all of Daniel’s little friends, but didn’t quite manage in the end. There were just too many birthdays in too short a time — it always was a bit ambitious, I suppose! This was the second one I made — a rainbow kind of caterpillar, if you’ll excuse the lack of yellow. I’ve had trouble finding the right shade of yellow for some reason. This caterpillar was stuffed a bit harder, and I think you can see a slight improvement in the facial features. It’s a very happy caterpillar, don’t you think?

Pattern: Chadwick the Shakespearean Caterpillar by Rebecca Danger (on Ravelry)
Yarn: Various acrylic DK
Needles: 2.75mm DPNs


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