A look back at 2011 – Q3

January 20, 2012

A post of few words, or these will never get posted. All three of us have been quite poorly with a bad throat/cough/cold for the last week and are still suffering to a smaller or larger extent. That’s another one of those things I’ve learnt about parenting — the things they never tell you — you catch every germ there is going. I’m sure I’ve been ill more in the last six months than in the past five years. Baby D has been very miserable with his cold too but has been sleeping a lot because of it and is definitely on the mend now.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear about our germs. On with those pictures. I love the way each month’s mosaic has a certain colour/mood/feeling about it. They give an overall impression even without many words.


A very green month. Warm but not a whole lot of sunshine. Time in the garden, time crocheting, time snuggling with the baby. Things I made included a pram bag, my first amigurumi, a coffee cafetiere cozy and a tag blankie.


I think this is my favourite mosaic.


Warmer days, blue skies, time in the garden. Our first home-grown tomato of the year. The top-right picture shows a project which is finished but not yet blocked, so I haven’t actually photographed or written about it yet. The start of a ripple blanket.

Happy days.


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