A look back at 2011 – Q1

January 14, 2012

I had prepared a lengthy review of 2011 but somehow WordPress ate my draft overnight. Rather than try to repeat what I’d written (which took ages), here are the mosaics and some short monthly summaries.


An alcohol-free New Year because, of course, I was growing a bump. The knitting for the forthcoming arrival had begun — I was knitting a little hat and jacket out of some Sirdar Snuggly Domino that I’d had stashed for years. I also decided it was time to do something with my stash of Baby Cashmerino — and added to it with some finds in the sales.


The bump was growing — I was into my third trimester — and Mika discovered that a baby bump made a great pillow for cats. The Baby Cashmerino outfit was completed but I didn’t get a chance to write about it until March — read about it here.


March was my last month at work. The spring arrived and I was busy knitting a ‘Born under a star’ baby blanket — I mentioned in my last post that this had become Baby D’s favourite snuggle-blankie — and a striped top for him. I’d been driving a Mini E — a fully electric version of the classic BMW Mini — for the last six months as part of a field trial. The trial ended in March and I very reluctantly had to give my Mini back. They ran a little awards ceremony and presented me with an award for the first baby incubated in a Mini E — the prize being a lovely little Mini Babygrow!

I’ll move on to April in another post to avoid my draft getting eaten again!


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