Christmas is coming

December 22, 2011

It’s starting to feel really Christmassy around here now.

We bought a six foot (artificial) tree at the start of December and it has been twinkling away in the corner of our living room ever since. We’ve never had a big tree before — I have a potted Christmas tree which comes in each year and that has had to suffice. It was a tiny table decoration when I bought it five-or-so years ago, but I’ve potted it up each year and now it’s grown to about eighteen inches tall. It’s starting to look a bit worse for wear; hot summers and too little TLC mean the lower branches have lost a lot of their needles and it no longer has a nice Christmas tree shape at the top. It still cheers the place up when it’s decorated though, so we’ve brought it in and put it on a side table next to the piano in the dining room anyway.

This year we figured a big new tree was a must though, seeing as it’s baby’s first Christmas. As the weeks go by he seems to be getting more and more interested by its colours and twinkly lights. I mostly bought new decorations for it — why would I have a lot of baubles if I’ve never had a big tree to put them on? — but I do have a few from years gone by when I saw pretty decorations that I couldn’t resist, despite no tree to put them on. Like this one — my favourite:

I wish I could remember where I got it from so I could get some more — you can see why it’s my favourite, can’t you? I’m so pleased to be able to have it on display this year!

I’ve also been knitting. Knitting quite slowly, since the quiet times I get for such things seem to be few and far between at the moment. Now Baby D is on stage 2 weaning I seem to spend most of his nap times cooking meals for him in batches so that I can freeze some. Today it was Salmon with Carrots & Tomato, a recipe from the Annabel Karmel baby & toddler meal planner book. He likes his food a bit lumpy now so I mashed it instead of pureeing and it went down a treat. It was quite a fiddly recipe what with peeling and de-seeding tomatoes, steaming carrots, microwaving fish, grating cheese, then combining everything in the right order — but he really does love his food so it’s got to be worth the effort and it won’t be long before he’ll be eating the same food as us, just mashed up a bit more.

But anyway — that knitting. I always wanted a proper knitted Christmas stocking when I was little so I thought I should have a go at making one for D. I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked so I figured I would wing it and make something up — I knit enough socks and a stocking is just a big sock — big yarn and big needles, right? Well, yes — it seems I wasn’t far wrong, and I’m very pleased with the result! There are one or two things I would do slightly differently if I were to make another, but for a first go I’m really pleased! Here it is:

I probably should have put something in the picture to give a better idea of scale — it’s about 60cm from top to toe.

Baby D seems rather confused by it, although he does like the bright, bold stripes. I’ve tried to explain about Father Christmas coming to fill it with presents for him and he seems rather confused by that too, but we’re not letting that spoil the fun.

I’ll have a go at writing up the pattern for my stocking if anybody is interested… in time for next Christmas, anyway!

Counting down the sleeps until D discovers what it’s for…


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