I like coffee, I like tea…

July 28, 2011

…I like the Java jive and it likes me.

On the whole I had a very straightforward pregnancy. No funny food cravings and minimal morning sickness. Just all-day exhaustion and a bit of nausea! Of course, there are foodstuffs that one has to avoid during pregnancy and one of the things that I missed enormously was lovely runny poached eggs. The other was coffee.

It took a while after Baby D arrived to realise that I’m actually allowed to eat normally again now. Since that dawned on me, what I call ‘proper’ coffee (made from coffee grounds in a cafetiere rather than the instant stuff!) has become a regular simple treat — made all the better if there’s a slice of cake to go with it!

As coffee has become my friend I thought I’d make this cute little cafetiere cozy I found when leafing through Jenny Lord’s book, Purls of Wisdom.

It’s such a simple idea and was very quick to knit up, but I love the texture of the pattern stitches and it really does work at keeping my coffee nice and hot — and it was a great stash-busting little project. The yarn I used was left over from a tiny blanket I made for Baby D’s wee cousin — born just a few weeks before D was.

I didn’t have three matching buttons the right size, but I think the odd buttons add a sort of charm — and since they’re all blue, which matches my cafetiere, the effect looks planned. It’s pure luck, I promise you!

The details:

Pattern: Cafetiere Coffee Cosy – from Purls of wisdom by Jenny Lord (on Ravelry)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss – fez – Colour 20504
Needles: 6.5mm
Cake: Millionaire shortbread. One of my faves. Very yummy! Not home-made, I’m afraid — my chore-juggling skills don’t stretch to looking after baby and baking yet. One day!


One comment

  1. DO I spot an Orla Kiely mug? Nice. And love the jug jacket.

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