Things I have learnt about parenting (part 2)

July 26, 2011

If there’s one thing I’m learning about parenting it’s that something’s got to give — there is no way at this stage in life that I can get everything done to the standard I’d previously have liked.

Our little garden is one of the things that are feeling the pinch. I’ve still put some flowers in pots and a few in the borders, but vegetable growing has been a bit of a disappointment. Considering the harvests I used to manage to get from my balcony when I was a flat-dweller and the crops from our garden last summer, this year has been a bit of a disaster. My courgette plant (grown from seed) died from some kind of mould/infection when it wasn’t planted out soon enough. The replacement courgette (bought as a little plant from the garden centre) was demolished by slugs. The salad leaves have bolted and need re-sowing. The beans failed to germinate. The beetroot seedlings baked in the greenhouse when I was in hospital. The blueberry bush flowered but failed to produce any fruit and the strawberry plants gave us a total of seven berries.

The one thing that seems to be doing okay this year is my tomatoes (replacement plants, picked up cheap from Wilkinson’s since my grown-from-seed plants were another casualty in the greenhouse while I was in hospital giving birth!). Fingers crossed I won’t destroy them yet.

Our lawn is also sadly neglected at the moment — we only seem to manage to mow it about once a month. It seems to flourish on its own though — not as a lush, bowling-green smart lawn but as a little haven for the insects. In April it was a field of daisies. In May through to June it was a blanket of buttercups. And now, clover covers it. The bees seem very happy about this. I’m glad that not mowing the lawn too regularly benefits someone!


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