My very hungry caterpillar

June 14, 2011

He really is my very own hungry caterpillar.

Baby D may be a tiny boy (he rates quite low in the percentile weight charts for babies of his age) but he seems to have had a ravenous appetite over the last couple of days and leaves me very little time between feeds. Look how he’s changed, though! A couple of weeks ago he was a sleepy baby, now he’s an alert little tiny boy. He focusses on things, follows sounds around and best of all, he smiles. Not just one of those was-that-wind-or-was-that-a-smile? faces, but real pleased-to-see-you! smiles. It’s so lovely I could cry.

At the weekend, I had a lovely afternoon when John watched Baby D for me so I could get some sewing done — and I finished that quilt. It’s by no means perfect — there are a couple of places where the fabric has ruckled up a bit, and if I were to do it again I wouldn’t use white thread for the quilting — but for a first go, I’m really pleased with it. After all, it’s designed to live the floor and will no doubt be kicked about a bit and subjected to all kinds of baby-deposits so there’s no point being too precious about it!

The backing is made from a piece of fine corduroy cotton which I picked up as a remnant, and the batting was also a remnant (and is what determined the size of the finished quilt). The quilt top was mostly made from a fat quarter roll of cottons, with a few Amy Butler pieces (also picked up as remnants) thrown in for interest.

The most important thing is that Baby D seems to like it. He lies on it when we play with him and I know he’s safe there if I need to turn my back — you can’t fall off the floor!


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