How time flies!

February 24, 2011

How time flies! I’m not sure how it’s come to be February before I’ve had a chance to post this, but now all of the Christmas presents have been belatedly gifted (we had to delay our meet-ups due to family illnesses), I can finally post the pictures. The image above shows just some of the Queen Anne’s lace scarves I made for various female family, friends and friends’ daughters. Super-easy to make and lovely results. My friend’s little (4-year-old) girl was particularly pleased to have matching scarves for her and her mum!

And for my brother, I made this iPhone case from Jenny Lord’s lovely book, Purls of Wisdom. I adapted the pattern for double-pointed needles as I dislike seaming and avoid it where possible – it seems to have turned out okay, if a little plain. Brother was particularly pleased anyway – it’s actually for his Panasonic HM-TA1 rather than for an iPhone and it was almost a commission – he had asked me if I could make a case for it.

Another thing I’ve made since my last post is a hat to match the baby jacket I showed you in that post. Bump is growing fast – another “how time flies” – I can’t quite believe that baby is now expected in less than two months. I would say I’m counting down the days but the truth is that they’re slipping away before my eyes. So much still to do – so much I still want to make – but the energy levels are also slipping away fast. After a long day at work and an evening meal there isn’t much time left before my bed is calling.

The other things I have made I’ll share in another post!


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