Happy New Year!

January 3, 2011

So here we are, already day three of 2011. Happy New Year! I hope yours has kicked off to a good start and that your Christmas/Seasonal break was full of fun and one to remember for all the best reasons.

It has been a lovely time here — a whole week off work, a hectic whirl of seeing family and then a few quiet days in which we’ve done — well, not a whole lot really. A few much-needed lie-ins while we still have the opportunity — a lot of knitting time for me, and time in front of the telly/PS3 for John.

Many thanks to all who left comments on my post about my Hexagon crochet blanket. It’s always lovely to read your feedback and find new crafty faces as a result.

Despite the lack of posts for a few weeks, I’ve actually been having one of my craftiest stints for quite a while — rarely without a hook or needles in my hand. Most of the things I’ve been making were for gifts though, and I haven’t wanted to spoil any surprises by posting here.

Unfortunately some of gifts are still waiting to be given; a result of my nephews suffering from suspected swine flu and my brother feeling decidedly unwell too. We decided it was best to call the visit off until everyone is fully recovered, given “my condition” and the fact that I haven’t been vaccinated yet. We’re expecting to meet up in a couple of weeks, so expect to see a some very late “what I made for Christmas presents” photos then.

Yesterday I finished making something that I can share with you, though. Something that I’ve made for our forthcoming arrival. More about that in another post!



  1. A happy New Year to you too!

  2. Im looking forward to seeing what you have been creating.

    Happy new year


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