“Norfolk shawl” – finished!

August 22, 2010

Hello again — I know what you’re thinking — Two posts in one day? Whatever next!

Well, with the help of the lovely warm afternoon we’re having, the blocking process took no time at all (well, five or six hours), and so my “Norfolk” shawl is completed.

Here it is, pinned out on an old towel on the bedroom floor this morning, just before I sprayed it with warm water.

In terms of days-to-complete, it’s possibly been the quickest project I’ve ever done — but I did admittedly put quite a few hours in over the last few evenings. Such is the luxury of time off work!

Here are the vital statistics:

Pattern: Eva’s Shawl by Miloboon Ravelry
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock yarn – shade 150 (1 skein)
Hook: 5mm

I’d forgotten how weird Noro sock yarn is to work with — inclined to stick to itself and feels as if the resulting garment will feel like cardboard — but blocked and finished it’s soft and lovely.

I would definitely make it again but would probably make it a little larger next time. But it works at this size — a one-skein wonder — and I’m very pleased with the results!


One comment

  1. Oh, your Norfolk Shawl is so pretty. I found your blog from Ravelry. Lovely to meet a fellow crocheter!

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