New greenhouse

March 9, 2010

It has been a while since I’ve posted hasn’t it? Have you missed me? Things are very busy at work at the moment, but you don’t want to know about that do you? When work’s not taking up all the available time, J and I are keeping busy settling in to our new house and making it our home. Some might think I have got my priorities a bit the wrong way round in that I seem to be spending more time planning things for our little garden than for the house itself.

It’s exciting watching the garden come to life, to find out what might poke up through the soil once the weather warms up a little. So far we have been surprised to find that our lawn is turning into a field of daffodils! Particularly surprised, because the we get the impression that the people who lived here before us didn’t really like gardening all that much. It’s all very tidy — very well kept — but there seems to be a notable absence of many plants. The flowerbed is gravelled over and the front garden is a square of grass. But a hoard of daffodils should look glorious until we get a chance to grow anything of our own.

It’s been bright and lovely for the last week or so, but it’s still very, very cold out there. We got busy at the weekend — with a lot of help from my Dad — and undertook the first steps towards transforming our little square of grass into a flower and vegetable-filled garden. We built a greenhouse!

I’ve always wanted a garden — and a greenhouse — so it’s all like a little dream come true. We have quite a small garden so it’s the smallest actual greenhouse I could find after a lot of shopping-around on the Internet — well, apart from this Tipple Glasshouse which I saw in Country Living magazine last year and fell in love with. After some consideration I decided against the idea though; cute as it is, I thought the shape and cuteness was a bit of a gimmick and that a small “proper” greenhouse would be more practical.

So, now to do lots of planting. I look forward to sharing news of much seed-planting and growing over the months to come. It was good fun being a balcony gardener but it should be great having a garden!


One comment

  1. Your writing and phtos are super good ! Also the bed you drew–great gaiety of colors –I am one who is comfortabel working from photos, too…

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