Zokni socks

February 7, 2010

I seem to be completely hooked on sock knitting at the moment.

I have dozens of other projects in my must-do list – as well as a couple which I’ve already started, which should be finished before I do anything else. But all I seem to be able to do at the moment is knit socks – I’m drawn to it – and while I’m knitting one pair I’m thinking about the next.

These are my latest, and possibly the reason behind the addiction – Zokni socks!

Pattern: Zokni socks
Yarn: Rowan 4 Ply Soft – stashed sale purchase from a while back.

This is by far the fanciest pattern I’ve ever attempted and I found reading the chart slow-going at first – but it soon sped up once I started seeing patterns in the pattern. Every odd row starts with a yarn-over, knit and ends with a yarn-over, knit. Every even row consists only of knits and purls. Things like that.

I don’t have any sock-blockers but made a template out of Amazon packaging for the photo above, thinking it might help show the pattern off! I’m not sure it worked it but it was a nice idea.

I really love the pattern – so much so that I’ve started a second pair already. This time I’m using a more interesting yarn – Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi. They’re coming along quite quickly now that the pattern is more familiar, but it’s back to work tomorrow so limited knitting time again.

And I’m already thinking about the next pair. Not Zokni, but the yarn has given me Ideas. Ideas that will have to wait for a while but I’m quite excited about them already. It’s good to have things to look forward to!


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