2009: a year in crochet

January 2, 2010

So here we are in 2010 – the future! I hope you all had a very happy new year.

As for lots of people, I find the new year a good time to reflect, and 2009 has been a busy year with lots to reflect on. Most obviously is of course our new house, but prettiest in pictures has got to be my new hobby – crochet. A little over a year ago picked up a crochet hook for the first time and although it’s a punishable pun, I must say, I’ve been hooked. It’s an incredibly satisfying craft – much quicker to come together than knitting – and I find I need something to keep my hands busy in the evenings rather than just sitting glued to the TV.

The mosaic above shows some of the crochet projects I’ve been working on this year. There was a huge positive influence from Lucy at Attic24 once I discovered her blog, but other influences were found in books, on Ravelry, from other blogs and websites and from browsing photos from all the amazingly talented people on Flickr.

A few other projects have been completed which didn’t get photographed — most notably the many pairs of openwork handwarmers which were given away as Christmas gifts. They had to be wrapped the minute they were completed to make the last post on time!

There’s a new quicky crochet project underway at the moment and then I must get back to those hexagons; plus I mean to put some effort into some sewing projects I have in mind for our new home. It should be a lot of fun!

Links for those photos above: 1. Sunburst, 2. Piecing it together, 3. Ange Lapin, 4. Still not finished, 5. 073 – Finished sunburst afghan, 6. Meconopsis, 7. Tawashi flowers, 8. Crochet can cover, 9. Granny blanket work in progress, 10. Making middles, 11. Hexagons day 3, 12. Finished cardigan!, 13. Chevron Lace w.i.p., 14. Chevron lace progress, 15. Chevron lace cardigan, 16. 189, 17. Refashioned kitchen stool, 18. Soft waves progress, 19. Baby afghan, 20. Baby blanket, 21. Birdie, 22. Mitts, 23. On my desk, 24. Snowflake door hanging, 25. Christmas rose


One comment

  1. Beautiful work! You’ve completed an amazing amount of crochet for someone who’s only just started recently. I am especially inspired by your Sunburst Granny blanket. By the way, I’m an avid crocheter (it’s so relaxing) and a fan of Lucy’s blog too. =)

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