Snowflake door hanging

December 5, 2009

Starching snowflakes

In my last post I was wondering if you could still buy starch in this day and age. The very next day I found that Lucy at Attic24 had posted about this exact thing. I found some spray starch at the supermarket and got busy, pinning and spraying. There was a little bit of hairdryer action too, since I’m a bit impatient like that.

I’ve since been told that sugar water works just as well as starch so I shall have to give that a go some time, though I imagine it might go sticky over time — maybe not an idea if something is for keeps.

I had a whole heap of crocheted stars to stiffen, made from various patterns. The one above is from Lucy’s Crochet Snowflake pattern.

The rest were variations on Deb Richey’s three Crochet Snowflakes, the pattern for which I tracked down through ravelry.

I changed hook size to get a nice variation in the stars – no two quite the same. The yarn is just cheap acrylic DK from the Craft shop.

So what did it all become?

Snowflake door hanging

It became a snowflake door hanging, to make our living room a little bit festive!



  1. They look awesome! What a great idea. I’ve been meaning to make snowflakes this year, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Did you just use regular spray starch? I’m not sure what to use…sugar does sound sticky.


  2. Hi Ali, thanks for your comment! I used Dylon Spray Starch – available in most supermarkets in the UK. It’s an aerosol thing but if you follow the link above, Lucy from Attic24 used a pump/trigger action spray (non-aerosol) which I’ve seen on Amazon but not managed to find in any shops.

  3. LOVE this idea – it’s the closet I will ever get to snow at this time of the year so may have to make some for myself.

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