The ever changing landscape

November 2, 2009

When the rain comes

Somehow it’s November and the rains have arrived. How did we get here? And how come I haven’t posted for so long?

Well, it’s been a funny few weeks. We had some very sad and difficult news to deal with at the end of September which saw me with a brief visit to hospital at the start of October. But there wasn’t much time to dwell on that as our lives have been so consumed with the busyness and chaos of moving house.


2009 has been a long and trying year full of the stresses and strains that anyone trying to sell a house during a recession will be familiar with, but we’re finally here and are settling in nicely. The Internet’s connected up, most of the boxes are unpacked and we have a whole new place to make our own.

He wants to go outside

One of the best things (just one of them, you understand) about our new home is that it has a garden! I am a balcony gardener no more. I’m just about resisting the temptation to fill it with plants before I can find out what will pop up in the spring time, but there’s plenty of head-scratching, thumbing-through of books and gardening magazines and planning going on. I definitely need a raised bed for veggies and lots more flowers than there seems to be at the moment. There are some exciting times ahead!

Of course, now it’s back to work and the spare moments are few. But there’s crafting crammed into each spare moment and hopefully a few more posts than there have been recently. Fingers crossed!


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