Finished cardigan

June 20, 2009


Finished cardigan!

It’s nothing particularly fancy but making garments (other than socks or wrist warmers) is a first for me. I’d normally go for something brighter and more cheery but the yarn was a snip and I didn’t want to spend too much when I wasn’t sure how it’d work out.

The pattern just seems to be called Spring Crochet and was no trouble to follow – although I had to make things up rather when it came to attaching the sleeves (it took a while to work out how they should fit) and joining the seams – I used this woven seam method. I also added a couple of extra rows to the body length as it was a little too short for my liking.

I have that finished-object joy and my cardi is keeping me cozy this evening as I’m sitting here with the doors flung open, looking out at the runner beans I’ve just planted in pots on the balcony, and beyond that the good old British rain watering the world at the end of a sunny Saturday.

Now, back to those hexagons…


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