Hexagon love

April 14, 2009

The hexagon blanket is started! I think this is the reason I started learning to crochet — well, this and a desire to make amigurumi, but that inclination seems to have left me for the moment. I wanted something big and bright and cozy and hand made and this afghan is definitely going to fit the bill.

Hexagons day 3

I’m already a wee bit concerned that the 30 balls of DK wool I bought for the project won’t be enough, but however large it ends up, I think it’ll be a favourite.

The pattern is the great Hexagon How-to — another from Lucy at Attic24 — with an extra dose of inspiration from Moonstitches. I love how easy it is, and the joining as-you-go technique is a wonder, if a little fiddly at first. I haven’t yet found a method I’m totally happy with for joining finished granny squares, so working it whole like this is brilliant.

The only down side is that I’m now lost to the rest of the world. Nothing else is going to get done while there are hexagons to do!


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