Fill-in projects

April 3, 2009

You would not believe the trouble I’m having at the moment to get the yarn I need. It’s nothing particularly unusual — just some Rowan DK wool in a rainbow of colours, but I don’t seem to be able to find what I’m after.

It’s spring! You’d think that reds and yellows, oranges and pinks would be easy to find; the spring colours that reflect daffodils and tulips, the flowers of the season, but no. I’ve tried all the yarn shops and department stores from one end of the county to the other — and into the next — with no joy. I placed an order almost a month ago in John Lewis, thinking a big department store would have the best chance of getting what I wanted but they’re having trouble sourcing the order too.

So, I’ve been using scrap yarn and finding things to keep me going.

Inspired by Lucy at Attic24’s amazing flower scarf, I adapted this pattern found on “Shh, I’m counting” for a Super-simple tawashi flower and made these six-petalled flowers which may well end up as a seasonal scarf:


Next, again inspired by Lucy at Attic24, I made this super-cute can-cover to keep my knitting and crochet bits in. Lucy’s pattern is available for a Crochet Jar Jacket. It’s such a simple pattern that it only took about an hour and looks so great while it keeps my supplies tidy.

Crochet can cover

I’m keeping busy and having fun working on bits and pieces too, but hopefully my yarn will arrive soon as I’m getting itchy fingers. I want to start work on the New Project!


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